A look at the types of sexy lingerie

May 1, 2014

Lingerie has always been a matter of pride for women and men have equally had wild fantasies surrounded with this clothing. Given the extraordinary shapes and looks of these wonder attires to flaunt one’s vital stats, it is but natural to have erotic thoughts connected to it. Sexy lingerie is considered to be a woman’s best friend for nothing is capable of beating it when it comes to giving the confidence level the much required boost, especially for those who feel a tad shy with their looks.

In the present day, there has been a drastic upgrading of the lingerie pieces, thanks to professional lingerie designers who have brought all types of it to fit every woman. Whether you have a petite frame or a bigger size, the following sexy lingerie types can make anyone want more:

-Corsets and bustiers: For giving those feminine natural curves an accentuated look, these lingerie pieces can be worn as undergarments or even over outfits. By wearing corset or a bustier, any woman looks super sexy and attractive, with no traces of flab, if any.

-Stockings: There are simple ones and body stockings which qualify for sexy lingerie. Owing to their elastic nature, they can fit in any shape and highlight those curves beautifully. Now that the popularity of this lingerie item is high, there are variations which women absolutely love like the sheer ones, fishnet, lace and body stockings. Depending on one’s convenience, it can be worn as an undergarment or with outfits for a bold look.

-Chemise and baby dolls: Those tiny dresses that scream nothing but sexy are your chemises or baby dolls. They are made of highly appealing fabrics and are available in a plethora of designs to bring out the best features of the different body sizes and shapes. Now that it comes in a wide variety of colours, women can choose any that goes with their skin tine and preferences.

-Bras and panties: From thongs to g-strings, knickers to simple sets, bras and panties make for real sexy lingerie and can be worn at varied times of the day. They are rather simple to be worn and set the mood in advance. You are sure to find them in diverse colors.

Nowadays there are other lingerie items as teddies, tights and hosiery products. One can make the choice depending on their personal tastes.