Buying sexy lingerie according to the body types: A guide for men

May 3, 2014

Lingerie in the present day has assumed the place of being one of the most popular gifts for your woman. With sexy lingerie that is intimate, thoughtful and not to miss out provocative, it can be one of the moist exciting gifts for the female. As the man, it is quite understandable how daunting a task it can be for you to get that promising birthday or anniversary gift for your woman, And with inadequate taste and knowledge about lingerie items, it can be a really hard time. After all, it is not something as exotic flowers or chocolates for a little mistake can prove to be a huge disaster.

For starters, this is important to know that impressing your woman with the correct choice of sexy lingerie depends upon two things primarily- shape and size. This is not to say that she does not have her own special likes or her unique style. So make sure that you cater to all these aspects and make her feel comfortable in the one you exact on.

A little help can be the following body types that are the most common ones and what lingerie styles are ideal for each:

-Round: Think about a round shape woman and you will know instantly that a negligee is the best bet for her. The goal is to accentuate her body and not expose the flab. With this, you can be certain of hiding all problem areas ad revealing the assets. Bold colours and not subtle shades are what one should go for.
-Voluptuous: Men simply love voluptuous women! Their curves simply bowl the former and that leaves room to yearn for more. If your woman belongs to this coveted category, consider buying a corset. With that, the beautiful cleavage is revealed but in a tasteful manner.

-Slim and tall: With a tall and slim woman, it is important you choose sexy lingerie that has a horizontal line across the abdomen. If you choose a corset or a garter in dark shades that will make your lady love happy and glow.

-Athletic: For women who are the sporty or athletic kind, boy shirts, traditional bras and panties are the ideal ones. Owing to their body shape, extreme sexy lingerie would be an injustice.

The next time you go hopping for lingerie, make sure you keep the afore-mentioned tips in mind.