Sexy Lingerie China – A Few Popular Models to Consider

April 25, 2014

Every men and women got flaws. It is a fact that each of us have some physical flaws, which we want to hide. This is more important in case of women who want to flaunt of their sexy curves and cuts of their most precious asset, the figure. There are plenty of sexy lingerie, which can help one to hide the flaws of the body and give an overall slimming effect. Yes, it is true that you can not only get the lingerie to expose, but the new-age designs can perfectly meet your requirement to hide the unwanted parts too.

Looking slim and sexy is very much possible now, let’s have a look at how it can be made possible.

Sexy lingerie

Just browse through any random lingerie China websites, you will be simply amazed to see the varieties of models on display. At modern time, sexy lingerie is not something you can just see to be worn by the glamorous models, but any common woman can get hold of the best designer models at affordable costs. A huge number of housewives as well as businesswomen are also fond of sexy lingerie. Some of the available models are;

Shaping Pants

Over the last decade, the invisible shaping pants have become very popular. These are basically a snug pair of pants, which you can easily wear under any outfit, which can suck down your tummy and butt region and provide you a much slimmer profile. They are tight to give you proper support as well as are so much comfortable to wear. There are plenty of colors and designs available in shaping pants at the lingerie China stores.


Chemises are one among the most popular choice among lingerie China items. Unlike the shaping pants and other lingerie models, chemises do not offer any sucking down or pushing up effect. Chemise is a comparatively a looser type attire that features spaghetti straps, and can de-emphasize your tummy and hips. You can couple this with stain of silk, with which you can get a majestic and sexy look to give your more confidence. Lingerie China stores lists many models of chemises you can choose from.


A corset is no doubt one of the most classical and recognizable sexy lingerie available in the market lately. A well-made corset is both sexy as well as brilliant by giving a trimming effect to waist and can give a boost to your cleavage. Lingerie China stores offers many models of corsets including leather, satin, cotton, as well as synthetic.