How to Choose Corset Size

September 2, 2013



We found it is a big problem with online corsets stores always has confused with finding the correct size for their clients.

It is very important for a new buyer to know well of corset size before make a order. New corset retailer need to learn more information before start your shop.

Normally, corset sizes depends on waist measurement and desired reduction, the right way to get the right size is to deduct 3 to 7 inches from you natural waist line. Corset’s role is to shape your body and have a good looking at waist. Except waist measurement, bust measurement the same important. The bust is better to deduct 2-4 inches from natural bust line, UP you bust and look more confident.

All of that ,you better to know well of all size measurement before you place a order if you are new in corsets. Any question for corsets size ,please feel free to contact us.