Lingerie China Buying Guide for Western Expats

June 14, 2014

Shopping for undergarments can turn out to be a daunting experience for westerners living and working in China. Typically, they fall in a dilemma as to which size to choose. The Chinese size metrics are quite different from the European size parameters. There are many westerners who even bring undergarments from their respective home countries to find the bras and panties of similar sizes in Chinese stores. However, lingerie China online stores are light-years ahead of the brick-and-mortar stores when it comes to customer ease and convenience.

These stores are hosted keeping in mind the needs of the Chinese and international customers. The owners of these Chinese stores are well aware of the buyer’s dilemma specific to American and European buyers. At the same time, they have this compulsion to cater to the Chinese customers. Therefore, what you can expect in an e-store of China is a wide range of products that are designed in line with the international fashion trends. Chinese customers can also find traditional unmentionables such as kimono in these stores quite easily.

Using an international size guide
A size guide is basically an international size chart that helps the customers understand the differences between different size-charts followed in different countries. Therefore, if you usually the 32-size bra in the UK and you are looking for lingerie China products of equivalent size, you can just visit these stores to compare and find the right size of swimwear or any other type of undergarment designed in China-based manufactories.

How to find the best China online lingerie store?
Though retail stores may seem the natural choice for average customers, buyers of lingerie China products can actually look beyond that and find the wholesale stores. Products that are sold in wholesale stores are arguably a lot cheaper than the lingerie products in retail stores. These stores also offer huge discounts and other sizzling offers at regular intervals. Therefore, customers can just subbscri be to company newsletters and keep an eye for the latest offers and discounts. If you are interested to buy lingerie China products, all you have to do is find a wholesale web site and look for your favorite lingerie items.