Selecting a Plus Size Swimwear and Lingerie China Tips

April 23, 2014

Fashion is not a strange affair even to the plus size women now. There is a unique plus-size category itself in the fashion sector, which is being concentrated by many major designers lately. There are plenty of options available lately in the stores and lingerie China stores are offering many lucrative deals also on purchase of lingerie, both wholesale as well as retail. However, being a plus size women, you have to consider a few things before going ahead with swimwear purchase in order to flaunt of it in style.

Have a good understanding of your shape

Female shapes are being categorized in to three basic structures as;   Pear shape – If you have got an average bust and shoulder, but featuring a heavy hips, then you are pear shaped. With this body structure, you should concentrate more on the top. One piece plus size swimwear with some buy graphics or focus on bust can draw the attention of everyone. Along with it a solid colored bottom can be work to make your lower part look trimmer. You can also find different models in the lingerie China stores like the ones with shirring at both sides can also look good for women with large tummy. Tankini tops are ideal for pear shape.

Heart shape – If you are featuring a broad shoulder with big bust, but small hips, then you are heart shaped. As you got a confident cleavage, you need to concentrate on flaunting it off. One piece swimwear with a larger neckline can be a flattering style for you. Also the two-piece swimwear featuring halter neck and also got thicker straps to support can be ideal. There are more varieties to select in the lingerie China shops.

Hourglass shape: Yes, it is the perfect and dreamy structure for any women. Waist is trimmer than your hips and bust. Any type of a swimwear is ideal for this body structure; however a two-piece swim suit such a tankini or skirtinis can be an extremely fabulous choice. They can also think of a ruched top, which can be rutch your skin tightly to reveal a small portion of the tummy and cover every other things up.

Also while searching through the lingerie China shop, have a good idea about your exact sizes too in order to choose the best-fitting swimsuits. Plus size or perfect size, there is a choice for everyone here.