Sexy Lingerie: Introducing you with the Common Varieties

May 30, 2014

Whether it is racy or delicate, demure or extreme, the term “lingerie” is good enough to make your imagination run wild. For the ladies, there are certain innerwear items that make them feel comfortable, confident, and more than anything else, sexy. If you really want to surprise your partner and mesmerize him during the intimate hours, you can try out sexy lingerie. It is for sure that the sexy lingerie items will add more spice into your love life. For finding the right kind of lingerie, you should peep into a reliable lingerie store and browse through its treasury of products.

Here are a few of the sexy lingerie items that are loved by most women:
• Baby Doll Nighty: This lingerie comes with a short gown like look with bra-like cups as well as a loose flowing skirt. Different types of materials including nylon, sheer material, satin and silk are used for making baby doll nighties.

• Teddy Nightie: This is a short gown that falls below the waist and above the upper thigh. It can get a pair of panties to wear with it.

• Garter Belt: It is worn around the waist. You can consider attaching thigh-highs or sexy stocking to the belt. You can sport a sexy bra with the garter belt to compliment your look.

• Bustier: This sexy strapless bra that comes with garter straps goes down to the waist. Shiny materials like silk are mostly used for making a bustier. You can wear a bustier with or without panties.

• Camisole: This is a short top that goes down to the waist. You can wear a camisole like slip beneath a woolen sweater. It also goes well with an open jacket.

• Corset: Corsets are not something new in the world of lingerie. Previously, it was mainly worn to achieve a leaner waist and an overall shapely appearance. However, now, it is also worn to enhance the sex appeal of a woman.

No matter which type of sexy lingerie item you are in search of, it is always wise to get it from a reputed store.