The best Shipment way to send your order.

August 24, 2013



All buyers want to find a best way to send their orders. Find a best way not only can save money but also get the goods in time.Find the best shipping method most appropriate in the business will make you a better business opportunities.

Some buyers want to receive corsets,sexy lingerie and costume as soon as possible, because of their customers are waiting for sexy corset,sexy lingerie and sexy costume,so they need their goods in urgent. For this situation , we can choose international express ,such as DHL ,UPS, Fedex ,TNT and EMS. Before you make a decision, think through if the express send to your address? The most important thing is dose it easy to do customs clearance ? Just for example Brazil. We all know it is very hard to do customs clearance in Brazil,or even difficult to maddening. So customs document is very important ! Of course the ability of clearance also is very important.

Addition of shipment way, freight also very important! More weight more discount will be allowed by shipment company ! Give you an example, 11kgs from Guangzhou to Brazil ,DHL cost about $18 /kg, but if add to 21kgs only cost $12/kg.

If you make a bulk order ,express will cost a lot, it is better to find a shipping company. Anyway, the supplier always know many shipping company and can get a good price for you.

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