Swimwears Wholesale: Measure Your Own Body First

July 5, 2014

In order to beat stress of the brow beating competition that the modern age has brought with itself and to stay in top shape, various people have resorted to a myriad of different activities. Among these activities, swimming is one activity that not only soothes the body and mind, but at the same time is great for health in general. Effective swimming however requires the right costume and a wide range of swimwears wholesale products has been addressing the cause pretty effectively.

Swimming is a physical activity, the result of which depends a lot on the costume that one is wearing. It is thus imperative to go for a costume that complements swimming the best. There are several things that are to be noted while buying swimsuit. Here are a few tips for the first timers.

If you are looking for your first set of swimwear, it is best to first identify the body type that you own. Many first timers are susceptible to making the mistake of browsing through stocks of swimwears wholesale before identifying their own body types first. When determining the type of body that one owns, it is best to measure up individual body parts like the shoulders, waist, bust and hips in stead of merely guessing the size by looking at the mirror. There are several guides in web which one can refer to search for the right measurement.

The first body parts that need to be measured are the shoulders. In order to measure the shoulders the measurement tape has to be circled around both the shoulders in a way such that the circle makes the widest circumference possible. Only then, one should attempt a visit at a swimwears wholesale store.

Measuring the shoulders without help can be a little difficult and first timers are best advised to take help from a friend. After the shoulders, one should come downward to measure the bosom. Again the fullest part has to be measured. The tape should sit firmly on the bust but should not be too tight. Then, the tape has to be used to measure the waist. Even when measuring the waist, it is important to keep the tape flatly on the back and just above the belly button on the stomach. The process has to be repeated with the hips. Only then should one visit a swimwears wholesale store.