Swimwears Wholesale: The Trends So Far This Year

July 1, 2014

Summer’s right here and it’s the prime time for the water lovers to go shopping swimsuits. So, it’s time again that you take a sweeping glance through what’s hot and not in the swim trends this summer. Women with zero figures can complete their signature shore appearance in skimpy two pieces, while full-bodied women can dress smartly with swimwear that suits their body, and style. Swimwears wholesale collections have arrived in the market to entice the crowd. Here’s a look at what you must try, in keeping with the trend.

Cut-outs Are In

If you are looking for something in a single piece, this is perhaps the most fashionable piece you’ll find in the market. The cut-out swimsuits give away a little skin here and there, but are extremely attractive and well-suited to the activity of swimming. The cuts are made strategically to expose the best of assets, while the opaque part of the suit shades the fat. Curved out at the waist with gaps revealing patches from the waistline to the ribs, these swimwears wholesale items have thin, elastic and adjustable straps.

Mismatch Is the New Match

Mixing and matching has been in trend for long, but not anymore. Mismatching is the way to go, at least when it comes to swimwears wholesale items. Available in two pieces, it gives you the liberty to recycle your old with new swimwear for a trendy look. Pair your bandeau top with a low-waist, slender bikini bottom. The mix of colours that stand out more than blending will create a good summery effect making it playful.

Bustier Tops with High-Waisted Bottoms

Just as high-waisted clothes like skirts and jeans are mainstays in the market, the trend has engulfed lingerie and swimwears wholesale with time. High-waist bikini bottoms are a rage in the market, thanks to the wonderful effect they create. A perfect cover for the fat deposition around the bellybutton, this one is suited for all body types.

Take special care in terms of the fabric quality and design finishing of the item. The designs of the suit, while supporting fashion, should also facilitate water activities.