The good corset wholesale websites in China

August 16, 2013


Because of the distance, the foreign buyers are impossible go to the factory to check the quality. Always check the websites first. But how to choose the suppliers check by websites?

First, they’d better have the physical map coupled with the products in addition to detailed product description, and it is perfect to posses its own copyright model pictures detailed product description. The professional wholesale corset distributor will tell you each product’s selling point and size chart for the different plant size is not consistent. To provide more detailed information, the more professionally they are, and also can reduce you the distribution process of customer questions.

Second, the detailed payment information is needed. The payment information always have their detail address, phone number. Specifically bank information, if they are a real company, the bank information of course has company name.

Third, the shipping cost always very important reason for a buyer. It is perfect if a website can check the shipping cost. How to check the cost? A good corsets wholesale website should have a way to check the shipping cost for foreign buyers. is a wholesale website of sexy corsets, sexy lingerie, there you can check the shipping cost yourself.