The mystique that lies with sexy lingerie

May 2, 2014

Don’t you think sexy lingerie is powerful? That which lies underneath your clothes speaks volumes about you as an individual. It’s not always about creating an impact on others or to be more precise, get your partner’s wild fantasies aroused. What matters the most is what you think about yourself that extends into what the world perceives.

Simply imagine yourself in a pair of cotton granny panties or an age-old bra with under wires that are visible from outside. Just contrast it against something pretty and lacy. Which do you think has the power of making you feel stellar? Surely it is the latter. Most lingerie experts will tell you that saving your oh-so-sexy lingerie for special occasions are reflective of a severe disconnect in the brain! There is nothing wrong to make yourself feel good and deserve that fantabulous feeling once in a while.

Choose lingerie that adds to the oomph factor: It is true how your partner may seem to get amused with a sight of you in sizzling undergarments. But don’t try hard. The goal is to impress yourself first which will automatically be followed by impressing others. Women wearing lovely undies daily say that they feel beautiful, desired and charming.

No point shying away from lace: If you expect every inner will be as smoothing as your t-shirt bra, you are mistaken. Lace is that one material which has the capability of imparting the feminine feeling. As it’s rightly said about lace bras…’they launder more easily and last longer than molded bras’. With your sexy lingerie, others will even pick up that radiated sexual confidence.

There lies a delicious secret in women: The inviting factor is not something to be shared amongst everybody. A secret can make one feel alive. And that is extended to undergarments too, so the mystique appeal prevails. If you are open to the idea of sharing that secret with your partner, you can or just keep it to yourself. The secret being your sexy lingerie and how invigorated you feel wearing that underneath, irrespective of the outfit you adorn.

Panties create a statement: Not to forget that panties teamed with your bra is a sensation. If lace is not your cup of tea, try materials as thongs or simply go for basic black or nude shades.

Our foundational clothes stick to our body so those little under things actually send signals to your brain to say ‘you deserve to feel special’.