The perfect Valentine’s Day with with sexy lingerie items

May 1, 2014

It’s only once a year that valentine’s day arrives and there are loads that you plan to do with your partner. From a romantic candle-lit dinner to going for a long drive with your significant other, there is excitement galore. You could also add that missing spark to your love life by picking up sexy lingerie and enhance each other’s mood. But the trouble ensues when despite being an avid lingerie lover; you are clueless about getting the right piece for yourself or a bit shy and all these often result in you going overboard.

To prevent all the mess that you are likely to cause yourself or fail to impress your partner, here’s a list of few essential tips that most lingerie experts will guide you with. Purchasing sexy lingerie and that too without getting mortified in the process has never been easy.

-Wear your confidence: As the saying goes… ‘There is nothing as sexy as wearing one’s confidence’. Lingerie stylists recommend that when you feel great sporting a black panty and not a thong, it’s wise to go for boy briefs. And with your tummy protruding out, that’s just not a healthy sign. So opting for chemises is helpful. As far as bras are concerned, push-up ones are ideal for that smoking hot look.

-Bring in romance: Romance does not necessarily mean pinks and reds only. Simple feminine fabrics and girly details like laces, ribbons or satin finishes in your undergarments are superb options. There are many retro-inspired soft textured materials in soft colours that can set in the right mood to get cozy.
-Size matters: The urge to appear thinner and better is on everybody’s want-to-try-out list. But with the wrong size, things can go terribly wrong! An array of types and colours are available in the present day’s undergarment. So even if you want to visualize yourself in a certain one, simply go for a trial and then exact on the one of your choice.

Just a tip here: If the fit is not proper, go down one band size and up one cup size.

-Mix and match: It’s all about fun on valentine’ day so let your sexy lingerie do the talking in a manner that befits the occasion. Incorporate little mix and match pieces and see how innerwear and loungewear are equally arresting.

All these tips are just a few to let you know how sexy lingerie creates a lasting impact in the right way.