The Various Options Available in Sexy Lingerie

May 12, 2014

The mere idea of surprising one’s partner by putting on a piece of sexy lingerie can be filled with great excitement. Especially, if the purpose of wearing the lingerie is to take your partner by surprise, the excitement can reach great heights. In order to make the experience a prolonged one and filled with fun, it is necessary for you to choose the lingerie well. There are very many choices in lingerie currently. The ones that are made from high quality silk are considered to be the best of the lot.

The first step in choosing sexy lingerie should be to start with underwear made of fine quality silk. Not only does silk make for a greatly exhilarating material, it also feels great on the skin. The comfort of silk as a material makes it possible for you to keep it wearing for a long time without feeling the itch of it. The prices of silk underwear are also at an all time low owing to the high demand of silk in the category of lingerie.

One of the most preferred choices by women is the silk slip. The slip offers women who are not that confident about their body type an opportunity to hide a large part of their bodies under the sexy lingerie. Many men have admitted that by their opinion the slip is the sexiest lingerie as it lets their minds’ imaginative capacity to come into play. This lingerie type is also an extremely comfortable sleep wear.

Teddies are next in the list when it comes to scintillating lingerie. The teddies themselves can include a variety of innerwear including thong panties, lace trims and garters. Again the teddies made from silk offer the much needed luster to the lingerie. Women might at times choose to wear the sexy lingerie below full gowns to allow an element of surprise.

During the cold, silk also offers pleasant warmth to the body while sleeping. Whatever be the choice of the lingerie, the key is in carrying yourself in the lingerie gracefully. There is no point spending in a dress that you are not confident about.