Which Kind Corset is better to have good shape ?

August 21, 2013



When you decide to place a new order for corsets it is important think of your clients want which kind corset.

Many people wish to add more curves effectively, steel boned corset is a better choose .Well designed corset creates wonderful hourglass figure with absolutely tiny waist, perfectly flat stomach and perfect posture.That not means plastic bones is not good ! But for the side of training waist ,steel boned corset is better than plastic boned corset .

Steel boned corset is more and more popular . People love beautiful corsets, special corset. And corset dress is favored for some  people who don’t know how good with corsets.

For most new styles steel boned corset, back panel and shoelace is the most outstanding feature.That’s why steel boned corsets are selling well! Steel boned corset is very important in wholesale corsets. Generally there is 10 or 12 pcs bones for a steel boned corset, and the steel boned always spiral steel bones.